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This Changes Everything is Mirvac’s sustainability strategy. We have set ambitious targets across our projects, and we are committed to giving back to our communities and creating enriched neighbourhoods that make people feel safe, happy and connected.

With a people-first approach, we are focused on positively impacting the communities in and around our developments. We take seriously the fact that lives are shaped by the places we create, and regularly pause to ask ourselves what kind of legacy we hope to leave. As part of This Changes Everything, Mirvac is striving to be a force for good through its approach to both social and environmental issues.

This is why at The Fabric, we have chosen to launch a variety of initiatives for our local and broader community. Achieving a 7-star NatHERS rating across all Townhomes, supporting Homes for Homes, and partnering with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation are just a few of the commitments we plan to deliver, creating a socially connected and future ready urban village.



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For over half a century Mirvac has been at the forefront of the Australian development and construction industry, recognised by our peers through more than 800 industry awards and by our customers who have rewarded our unrelenting commitment to quality and care with their loyalty.

  • Creating Communities

    We look outside the home to see what we can do to enhance life inside the home, creating communities for the future.

  • Quality & Care

    For over 50 years we have been reimagining urban life, through the pursuit of quality and care in every little detail.

  • We Test & Re-test

    Before any product or material is used, we test it thoroughly. Our designs come under equal scrutiny, tested for acoustics, durability and liveability.

  • We Listen & Learn

    Over the years we’ve won many awards but the ultimate judgement rests with our customers, listening to you, inspires and challenges us.

  • We Design & Build Better Designs

    Most of what affects the quality of your home is out of sight and our customers trust us to see what they don’t.

  • We Care About Sales & Beyond

    We are with you through construction to settlement and beyond, because we are here for the long term, accountable and responsible.

  • All Under One Roof Knowledge

    We bring together expertise in planning, architecture, design, development, construction, finance, sales and marketing, for seamless delivery.